GIFT BOX PURE FRUIT - Light. 6x218g℮

GIFT BOX PURE FRUIT - Light. 6x218g℮

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These extra jams contain the natural sugar of the fruit. Embrace the sweet life with the full-bodied flavour of these extra jams. Made with the sugar substitute maltitol. Jam with average of 75% fruit. Average amount of natural sugar is 6%.

Looking for a staff gift, business gift or do you wish to thank someone special? Callas Confiture offers perfect gifts.

This stylish gift box is filled with:

1 x PURE FOREST FRUIT -90% sugar        PUUR BOSVRUCHTEN -90% suiker

1 x PURE RHUBARB -90% sugar               PUUR RABARBER -90% suiker

1 x PURE STRAWBERRY -90% sugar          PUUR AARDBEI -90% suiker

1 x PURE RASPBERRY -90% sugar            PUUR FRAMBOOS -90% suiker

1 x PURE APRICOT  -88% sugar               PUUR ABRIKOOS  -88% suiker

1 x PURE CHERRY -85% sugar                 PUUR KRIEK -85% suiker

No transportation costs until the 5th of April within Belgium.